St. John's - Grace Episcopal Church
An inclusive community walking a journey in faith.

Worship Groups

Altar Guild
Altar dressings and vestments at St. John's-Grace are meticulously maintained by a group led by Directress, Donna Doyle. The service and work is done before and after services out of view of the congregation.  The purpose of the Altar Guild is to assist the clergy.  It is a service that is intentionally inconspicuous.  The guild prepares the altar and the chancel for Holy Eucharist or any type of service such as baptisms, weddings and funerals. 

The guild cares for the altar vessels, vestments and linens.  They are responsible for the placement of items on the altar, including flowers.  As part of their work in the chancel, they ensure that the hangings on the pulpit and lectern are appropriate to the church season and celebration of the sacraments.  This group decorates the church for Christmas and Easter.  In preparation for Good Friday, the Altar Guild is responsible for the stripping of the altar and chancel. This quiet, behind the scenes ministry warmly welcomes men, women and couples.  There is flexibility in this commitment so please speak with any guild member for more information. 

Donna Doyle, Directress
Ann Dutton, Jan Lochner, Joan Mangano, Maribel Ortiz,Martha Robinson, and Kathy Stelter - Members

Ushers and Greeters
The goal is simple: Make people feel welcome at SJG!!!  Each position has various tasks that are performed including welcoming all, assisting people to a seat, distributing bulletins or other literature, taking the collection and taking up the gifts of bread and wine to the altar.

The crucifer is the person who carries the cross or crucifix in a procession of the clergy and choir. They also assist in various portions of the worship service. 

The acolytes are those who perform ceremonial duties such as lighting the altar candles, participating in the procession, assisting in other portions of the worship service.

Lectors/Lay Readers
The Lectors/Lay Readers assist the priest during the service by reading lessons and leading the psalms and prayers.

Eucharistic Ministers
A lay person who assists the priest in administering the sacraments of Holy Communion, the consecrated bread and wine. They may also take the sacraments to those who are ill, or otherwise unable to attend services.

Healing Team - "Whenever Two or More are Gathered in My Name".
The early church made healing a central part of its mission.  The SJG Healing Team continues this ministry enfolded with the belief that with touch, by annointing with oil and the laying on of hands, a channel for God's healing energy, love and blessing is created. Our healing ministry invites everyone who chooses to come forward, after receiving communion, for healing prayers by one of our healing team members.  Each person's request may be silently and privately held within one's heart, for Jesus knows your heart's desires.  We believe God's Word, "with Jesus all things are possible."  Our intention is to provide a loving, healing and compassionate presence by creating a circle of prayer for everyone involved.