St. John's - Grace Episcopal Church
An inclusive community walking a journey in faith.

Parish Committees

Committees/Teams are set up to reflect the mission, needs, culture and goals of our parish.  We have working committees and committees that are formed as needed.   With the dedicated service of our committees/teams, St. John's-Grace Church is enabled to fulfill its missions.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is led by Andy Graham.  They manage the financial assets of St. John's-Grace, subject to the general approval of the Vestry.  The purpose of this committee is to consider all matters of finance and make recommendations, as appropriate, to the Vestry.

Building and Grounds Committee
John Moffitt's duties as coordinator are to research and make recommendations to the Vestry for the maintenance, repair, design, preservation and use of the church building and grounds.  The purpose of the committee is to have general charge of the administration and upkeep of the building and grounds.

Stewardship Team
The goal of stewardship at St. John's-Grace Church is to provide a sense of belonging for everyone who enters the church.  Stewardship is a moral principle that embodies responsible planning and management of resources.  Ann Dutton, Mark Babcock, Tom Lochner, Anna Klapakis, and Robert Petersen help us fulfill this mission by using our gifts of time, talent, and treasure for the benefit of all in our community.

Worship/Music Committee
The function of this committee is to advise about worship services (liturgy, music, themes and activities) based on the liturgical calendar, and then integrating those activities into worship, as appropriate.  This committee sets up the parish worship calendar for the year.

Transition Team
The function of this committee is to engage the congregation in the transition process as we reflect on who we are as a church and the type of rector that we will attract to our church. This committee will ultimately search for a new rector for the church over the coming months.