St. John's - Grace Episcopal Church
An inclusive community walking a journey in faith.

Clergy and Music Director

Rector - The Reverend Jon F. Lavelle 

Priest Associate - The Reverend Charles Deacon

Dear Friends,

In 2001 I began a 16 month interim ministry at St. John’s-Grace. After the calling of Fr. Dougharty as rector of the parish, I told the congregation that I would not be back. My first wife Ann had a different idea. Because St. John’s-Grace is such a loving parish, she had to come back once a month to be replenished with the love.

After she died, I was given the title of Priest Associate, an honor I cherish. This parish has the best Healing Team in the diocese. We have the Spiritual Café, and the Fish Fry group, which is a social group. The congregation has many talented people here and they use those skills to help us move forward.


Interim Music Director - Brian Hilton