St. John's - Grace Episcopal Church
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Giving - "Living in God's Generosity"

Stewardship Is More Than Giving Money

 "Everything we have comes from Thee O God.  Whatever we bring is yours already.”  This is an affirmation we make each Sunday.  While making a financial commitment of support is important, stewardship is not only about raising money.  YOU may already be a steward without even knowing it!  

Stewardship is rooted in the belief that who we are, what we have, the life we live, and the world in which we live is all a gift from God: “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it,” reads Psalm 24 and we are stewards of this earth.

A steward is a manager; a person who has charge of the household or possessions of another. In our case, we are the stewards of God’s household and God’s possessions including nature, children, buildings, time, talent, or money. If we realize that all the things in our world belong to God, and we see ourselves as stewards of it, then we hear a call to mindfully use it as God would have us use it.

Ways to be Stewards of the Church

Annual Pledge - Your Annual committment allows SJG to live generously.  "Living generously allows SJG to support parishioners in worship servies, maintain the worship space and provide an inspiring space in which to commune with God."

Annual pledges support everything we do and are at SJG - from paying clergy to supporting our out-reach ministries to making possible our liturgical, education and music offerings. In order to know what we can do each year, we need to receive pledge commitments on which to develop an annual budget. 

Planned Giving -  A planned gift is often the largest gift a member makes in his or her lifetime.  Such gifts usually are made from a member's assets, not their annual income.  Planned gifts can be bequests - or beneficiary designations from a retirement fund or life insurance policy.  A planned gift can make a lasting difference for an organization about which you care deeply.  To make a planned gift to SJG, please contact your financial advisor. 

One Time Gift - To make a one time gift to SJG, please click here - Make A One- Time Gift .  We greatly appreciate your generosity in making a gift to SJG.