The Vestry of St. John's Grace is a dedicated group of elected parish members who strive to balance the needs of our faith community with the fiscal realities of the 21st century.

Our Wardens:

Senior Warden Thomas Lochner began attending services at St. John'-Grace in 1999.  In November of that year Tom and his fiancee, Jan, were married here.  Tom continues to participate in services and the life of the parish, making new friends and acquaintances along his faith journey.  Tom has served as Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Usher and Vestry member.  He also volunteers at church events such as Food Fair, the rummage sale, and the Memorial Day service.  Tom also has had the honor of delivering a Sermon several times and serving on Discernment committees for parish members who have sought their call to become Deacons or Priests.  For fun Tom likes to ride his bike, hike, read, garden, travel, watch baseball and practice law.

Junior Warden John Moffitt has been a member of St John’s-Grace in 2008  He sang in the choir and hopes to participate in the Spiritual Café this winter. He looks forward to repurposing the Parish Hall area for more church, as well as, community activities.

Our Vestry Members:

Jan Lochner along with her husband, Tom, have been members of St. John's-Grace since 1999 when they were warmly welcomed by the parish membership. Jan feels very strongly that their faith and the St. John's-Grace community have helped make their marriage flourish in the good times and sustained them in challenging times.  As a first-time vestry member, Jan wants to contribute to the growth of the parish community spiritually, as well as, maintaining the church property so St. John's-Grace can continue to be an oasis of comfort.  It is important to her that our parish remains a place in which to learn, refresh and renew our commitment to Christ and one another. St. John's-Grace is Jan's spiritual home and she is grounded, comforted, nourished, loved and taught the kindness and loving ways of Jesus. Jan has been active in Parish events.  She was Co-Chair of the Food Fair for 5 years and also heads the Polish booth for that event.  She has been a member of the Search Committee, a participant in the Dinner Group and currently serves as Greeter, Lector and Intercessor.  Jan is also a member of the Altar Guild. Jan has been in the civil service system since she was 16, but is now happily retired from the NYS court system.

Herb Hogue

Rob Petersen

Taylor Minx

Ann Dutton

Deborah Vranich

Our Treasurer:

Rob Petersen  - Fr. Steve, when I first came to Grace Episcopal Church, successfully recruited kids in the Sunday School to join the Junior Choir. I was one of those so recruited. A few years later, in 1951, I was confirmed by Bishop Scaife. Sunday School teacher, acolyte, vestry person, YPF member, and the like were activities I engaged in during my years at Grace Church. I continued these kinds of activities when we became the parish of Saint John’s-Grace; I was one of those first members of the new Vestry at the merged parish. Thereafter, I have served in several capacities and offices at Saint John’s-Grace, and lately I am the Treasurer.

Loyalty and devotion to the congregation and the community have been strong factors in my continuing to be a member of the parish and to do service in it. 

Our Clerk of the Vestry:

Peggy Moffitt is a 15-year member of St John's-Grace who is drawn to the 8:30 worship community and her involvement with our parish healing ministry. She and her husband John are the parents of 3 amazing adult children. Since 2010 Peggy is the face of the Department of Art, University of Buffalo. Peggy's work experiences include banking, law, corporate and not-for-profit organizations. She also volunteers as treasurer of Happening and secretary to DPCC.